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1960 corvette
1960 Corvette

Not much changed for the 1960 Corvette as far as looks.  A new rear suspension sway bar was added which improved the vehicles handling.  An aluminum radiator and cylinder heads were initially introduced, but later withdrawn. 

Most of the 1960 Corvettes, approximately 50 percent were sold with a detachable hardtop.  In addition, most had a four-speed manual transmission.  A 1960 Corvette with a 283 cid, 230 hp V8 could hit 60 mph in 8.4 seconds and reached the quarter mile in 16.1 seconds at 89 mph.  These numbers were impressive back then, but not much to brag about today.


1962 corvette
1962 Corvette

For the first time since the 1953 Corvette, solid colors were an available option.  Standard features included; electric clock, dual exhaust, tachometer, defroster, seatbelts, heater, and outside review mirror and windshield washer.

The base engine was a 327 cid with 250hp, but there were several engine upgrades.

A 1962 Corvette with the 327 cid, 360 hp, went from 0-60 in 5.9 seconds.  It reached the quarter mile in 14.5 seconds at 104 mph. It's estimated maximum speed was 150 mph.


1967 corvette stingray
1967 Corvette 427

Minor changes were made to the interior of the 67 vette, but under the hood was another story along with aftermarket corvette body kits.

There were seven engine options, and an additional engine [RPO-L88] added later ranging from the base 327 cid with 300 horsepower to the almighty 427 engine with 560 horsepower. 

There were many paint codes for this year including [900] Tuxedo Black, [972] Ermine White, [974] Rally Red, [984] Sunfire Yellow, [986] Silver Pearl, plus more.   Years later Chevy Corvette HID Kits were introduced.



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