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1953 Corvette

1953 corvetteThe first Corvette was built on June 30th, 1953 at the Flint, Michigan plant.  There were only 300 units built this year, making it the rarest Corvette ever made.  Only 200 of the 300 manufactured are known to exist today.

The 1953 Corvette had a fiberglass body, a chrome grille with thirteen vertical chrome bars, round front fenders with recessed headlights.  This feature would not see this feature again until the release of the 2005 Corvette. 

Interior features included a floor mounted shifter for the Powerglide two-speed automatic transmission, and gauges for oil pressure, battery, water temperature, and a clock and tachometer.

Every 1953 Corvette was basically hand built.  Here's an interesting fact, all of the first year vette's were Polo White with Sportsman Red interiors, and a black canvas convertible top.

Engine Facts:
The first year Corvette had one engine available, an inline six-cylinder that was 235 cid, which put out 150 hp.

Chassis Facts:
The wheelbase was 102 inches, while the overall length was 167 inches.

Options Available:
AM Radio - $145.15
Heater - $91.40
White sidewall tires - price not available

Pricing in 1953:

Total Production:


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