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1954 corvette1954 Corvette

For the most part the 1953 and 1954 Corvette were identical.  There were some additional options available in as noted below in 1954.  Corvette produced some different colors which included Pennant Blue, Sportman Red, and Black.  Also, the soft top was offered in beige.

Engine Facts:
The 1954 Corvette had one engine available, an inline six-cylinder that was 235 cid, which put out 150 hp.  Later in the year a new camshaft was introduced which raised the horsepower to 155.  Not too impressive, but at least getting better!

Chassis Facts:
The wheelbase was 102 inches, while the overall length was 167 inches.

Options Available:
AM Radio - $145.15
Directional Signals - $16.75
Heater - $91.40
Windshield Washer - $11.85
Parking Brake Alarm - $5.65
Powerglide Automatic Transmission - $178.35
Courtesy Lights - $4.05
White sidewall tires - price not available

Pricing in 1954:

Total Production:

Below are some Corvette's viewers sent us. 
If you want yours added, please contact us.

black corvette

Black 1954 Corvette Roadster. This is a two time NCRS "TOP FLIGHT" Awarded Corvette and is a Rare Car Indeed. Not only is this VERY RARE car 1 of 4 BLACK CORVETTES PRODUCED IN 1954, IT IS 1 0F 7 BELIEVED TO HAVE MOLDED DRIP RAILS! Powered by the "BLUE FLAME" 6cyl engine w/3 carter carburetors and automatic transmission. This is one of the best examples of a 1954 corvette in the World. Nationally judged at 98.5 points out of 100.

From Steve Brungy in Texas.
Sorry, this corvette is not for sale.

1954 white corvette I have owned E54S002026 since Feb. 1980. Body off restoration in \'91-93. Selected by National Corvette Museum as representative 1954 car for 2002 Monterey 50th celebration. All date codes to late March 1954. Have extensive photos see here.

From Bud Barnes


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